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A term used by white "urban" youth on the East coast to denote the seriousness of one's opinion. Often in relation to fist-pumps, gelled hair, and/or spray-on tans.
I walked up to the babe, deadass, and asked her why she wasn't down with my sequined shirt....
by East Coast Don June 24, 2010
To be completely and honestly serious.
A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment.
To be truthful and not lie.
A truncation of the phrase "dead ass serious".
Guy 1: Yo, swear I saw George (W.) Bush jump that fence for a corndog...

Guy 2: What? nah uh, you're lying..

Guy 1: No, for real! I'm dead ass.
by Tai June 30, 2003
Seriously...no kidding
I got an A on my exam... Dead Ass....
by Ray FS July 10, 2008
Meaning to be serious about a subject previously spoken of in a conversation
That dude was packin' heat last night, I'm dead-ass, man.
by The W.O.D October 07, 2006
formerly dead-s meaning dead serious. the ghetto form of dead serious is dead-s, which is not used anymore. less stress is used wen saying the word dead-ass so it has replaced dead-s.
p1: yo, homie, im gettin ass from jennifer tonite!
p2: u dead-ass?
p1: YEA!
by antawn January 24, 2007
equivalent to saying: for real; im serious; telling the truth.
peep 1: you robbed his bike? ...naahhh..
peep 2:im dead ass.
by chimpy August 28, 2004
Extremely dead. At the complete end of life.
Yo that is a Dead- ass rabbit in the middle of the road
by Poopkid23 May 26, 2010