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Someone who is so stupid it makes you want to stab your eyes so you never have to look at them again
How much of a deadshit is that pie eater over there?
by Signor Deadshit June 26, 2006
lost, no idea whats going on, does things so stupid that no person that has any logic can explain. looks so stupid that you cant look at them for more than 5 seconds without laughing. all round stupid
you're a dead shit mate!
by neligan May 19, 2006
What was Winnie the Pooh when he died?
Winnie the Pooh ended up being a deadshit.
by The Plop May 16, 2007
I complete and utter moron
Your such a dead shit Gill!
by Icy October 21, 2003
The most final of all insults outranked only by 'fucking deadshit'. To be used only when you feel such utter dismay and disgust that no emotion or single word would suffice. to be said in a dull monotonous voice whilst shaking or clutching the head.
"you deadshit"
"you fucking deadshit"
by mespaced July 11, 2008
Someone who is an asshole, prick. Used in many situations wilst driving. or in the presence of an Abrahams
You fucking DEADSHIT pete..
Screaming out of the car window, deadshit!
by Shannon Masters November 25, 2003
To be completely and honestly serious about something. Also known as: dead ass.
You: Last night I banged your mom about 10 times!
Me: Dead shit!??!
You: Forreal, im dead shit man.
by SkateThatt July 05, 2009
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