It's where you with a group of close friends and when the pussy friend leaves the room those who remain figure out a code word to say when they get back. When they get back someone says the code word and everyone jumps on the pussy friend holding him down while another friend punches him repeatedly in the ass until his ass goes numb or "dead".
One friend - "Pickles"

All but pussy friend - let's dead ass him!

Man we dead assed the shit out of him so bad.
by Justin Paige August 17, 2007
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To be completely and honestly serious.
A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment.
To be truthful and not lie.
A truncation of the phrase "dead ass serious".
Guy 1: Yo, swear I saw George (W.) Bush jump that fence for a corndog...

Guy 2: What? nah uh, you're lying..

Guy 1: No, for real! I'm dead ass.
by Tai June 30, 2003 kidding
I got an A on my exam... Dead Ass....
by Ray FS July 10, 2008
Meaning to be serious about a subject previously spoken of in a conversation
That dude was packin' heat last night, I'm dead-ass, man.
by The W.O.D October 07, 2006
formerly dead-s meaning dead serious. the ghetto form of dead serious is dead-s, which is not used anymore. less stress is used wen saying the word dead-ass so it has replaced dead-s.
p1: yo, homie, im gettin ass from jennifer tonite!
p2: u dead-ass?
p1: YEA!
by antawn January 24, 2007
equivalent to saying: for real; im serious; telling the truth.
peep 1: you robbed his bike? ...naahhh..
peep 2:im dead ass.
by chimpy August 28, 2004
Extremely dead. At the complete end of life.
Yo that is a Dead- ass rabbit in the middle of the road
by Poopkid23 May 26, 2010
A term used by white "urban" youth on the East coast to denote the seriousness of one's opinion. Often in relation to fist-pumps, gelled hair, and/or spray-on tans.
I walked up to the babe, deadass, and asked her why she wasn't down with my sequined shirt....
by East Coast Don June 24, 2010

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