most annoying game ever. Seems like it is very appealing to the faggot and big sock race.If you have an annoying sibling and you dont want to here that annoying game anymore,just pour pop all over the wires.
If you want a good lauph watch an epileptic person play ddr
by jerryblank April 28, 2005
Dance Dance Revolution

Game for faggots
"Brandon is sure making a fool of hisself on that DDR game."
by DJayo March 16, 2005
A shitty game that fucking sucks. It's easy as hell and all the steps are just eigth note streams, and that's on Heavy difficulty. People that play are always saying "OMUG DA MAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA 3030303030303030 IS DA HAREDST SNOG EVA!1!1!!11!!!!!". Guys, go play ITG, which is actually hard.
A plan devised by the Japanese to destroy American culture as we know it.
by Blahb March 10, 2005
a retarded "game" in wich gay men and girls with nothing to do jump around on 4 arrows as if their feet where on is the abreviation of dance dance revolution, thogh i dont consider franticly flailing and stomping to be dancing and i dont find anything revolutionary about the "game"
mike:"dude i justy got the new version of DDR imported from japan!"
me:"what are you gay?"
by jim May 07, 2005

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