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Dance Dance Revolution
greatest fucking arcade game ever.

a game that requires u to read the arrows as they scroll up (or down if u change the settings) on the screen and step on the corrosponding arrow on the dance pad. the arrows go to the beat of the song being playd. hence the name.

ddr requires good coordination, good rhythm, and somewhat good physical shape

contrary to what some people may believe, being able to play this game does not mean u can dance. it just means u have rhythm. the closest one can get to being able to actually dance through ddr is freestyling.

the majority of people who criticize ddr are classified under 1 of 2 categories
1. never playn it, just hate on it cause alot of ppl are really into it and they say it looks/sounds stupid
2. playn it and suck monkey balls at it so they just hate on it
im a total DDR freak

DDR is like a drug, once u get hooked, its hard to get off. and it drains ur money like a mofo.
by Totallybastos March 14, 2005
term used by noobies on counterstrike who cant handle people who use awps in a match

Fucking Awp Whore!!
by Totallybastos March 14, 2005
noobies who use programs to cheat on online games such as starcraft, counterstrike, warcraft, etc. etc.
"You hacker! i know ur hacking! leave before i call the admin! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
u wont get this quote unless youve seen the flash vid with it
by Totallybastos March 14, 2005

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