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4 definitions by Egaro

A pointless and highly obnoxious smiley. It's most likely that it originated because some idiot on an AIM convo made a typo and made to D's instead of one on their =D smiley. So now, every idiotic AIMer uses =DD as a spacefiller. A replacement for "lol" or "xD".
Person 1: I went to school yesterday.
Person 2: =DD
Person 1: ...fuck you.
Person 2: =DD
by Egaro February 01, 2009
1. Term meaning "bitch ass". Combination of the words bitch and ass.

2. Can be used in different context to describe an action (basshing).
Dude, smack dat bassh!

Bassh dat ass

Bassh the beer can.
by Egaro April 23, 2009
1. "Fuck off Bitch", usually used online to a girl who's being a pain in the ass.

2. Popularly used to shorten the band name "Fall Out Boy".
h0llist3erh0ttie (3:18:00): hi
h0llist3erh0ttie (3:18:04): wanna do me?
gayman28928 (3:18:05): FOB

I love Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by FOB.
by Egaro April 13, 2009
1) A tool used to test urine to find diseases in the kidneys or other parts of the excretory system.

2) A derogatory term used to describe a person.
-The dipstick revealed an excess amount of protein in the man's urine.

-That guy's a freaking dipstick!
by Egaro February 16, 2009