A DC is short for dumb cunt.
That stupid bitch is acting like a DC. Dumb cunt.
by Richard espeego lucifer g. November 15, 2006
The District of Columbia.
From the good sides to bad sides, DC is most criminal and home of the best country in the world.
DC equals Muscle & Money, in the world and in the streets.

What? A war started, more than likely the orders came from D.C.
What? A war started in SouthEast, DC(hood), they sent troops to SouthEast, DC.
What? A war started in Somalia, they sent troops to Somalia.
What? Someone needs to be removed but want to keep it quiet, for the right price they come to D.C.
D.C... is not the most corrupt city in the world, compared, D.C. is the greatest city in the world .
by Real D.C. Native August 25, 2006
A good tourist city, home to the American government. Just stay out of southeast and don't go to Dupont Circle at night.
No one from the DC area knows why people get excited about going to DC.
by lazylatvian May 07, 2005
a place where me and my friends went to and we got lost and had the most fun there
dude gurl you singed my eyebrows
you stink
by Tanyamozer August 14, 2004
1. abbr. Sega Dreamcast
2. abbr. Disconnected
1. The DC can read CD-Rs without a Modchip.
2. I was DC'ed from the online game.
by TheJEnigma March 23, 2004
Useless Scottish racing driver
Talentless git
DC fails yet again
by Nomis December 07, 2003
When you jizz in your hand and smack yourself in the face
Dude 1:I heard that ninja DC's when he masturbates.
Dude 2: (Shakes head)
by DaleJones November 29, 2010

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