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A suburb about 5 miles south of Miami, Florida. Otherwise known as Pinecrest. Other names for it include: The Village, Da Crest, and DC of course. This city is home to lovely estates, a community predominantly made up of upper middle class blue collar Caucasians, nice cars, and beautiful people. It has been nicknamed the true paradise of South Florida. The extremely popular rap group "D Double C" claims roots to Da Crest, and many link the city's success to the title of "The Home of the D Double C". {Da Crest Crew}
Ttime: Oh your from South Florida? Where exactly do you live?
BizNasty: DC, born and raised.
Jay: That is the best city, its a suburb but with a major city feel.

Ttime: Have you heard of Da Crest?
Biznasty: Yea! That sick rap group came out of there, whats their name again?
Jay: DCC, Da Crest Crew!
by Ttime May 21, 2007

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