A person from suburban Maryland. Who wants to say that? No one. So we say DC. We are from DC.
"Yeah I'm from DC"
"oh? what part of town?"
"Wheaton - you know, Maryland"
"oh cool - I'm from DC too. Bethesda"
"Nice. Mazza!"

by Evan The Guy July 12, 2006
The Greatest and most important and Powerful city on Earth.
Means if you can live it and make it there you can make it anywhere.Have bride DC.
by DMV All Day June 05, 2011
-the best skate company of all time!

-DC stands for dyrdek company ( Rob Dyrdek!)
-DC is munch better than element,flip,and hurley.
by Megawatz or Meghan O'Sullivan March 24, 2008
acting without any physical or mental co-ordination
oh what a dc throw
to chuck a dc
by jonske April 20, 2003
an out of control con with wild fingers. may resemble a cobra. also brags about penis size.
The Dc tried to kill me on the train.
by Pat Barton November 25, 2003
A straight man.
As opposed to a gay guy who gives and takes (AC)
Man 1: You want your dick sucked?

Man 2: No thanks, I'm strictly DC.
by Davey Mac March 29, 2005
Dirty cock: a guy who has many women
Aaron was pulling chciks two at time last night. He's a DC!!
by Simmygoblue March 02, 2005

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