when a girl is being a dum cunt
Man That girl was being a huge D.C. last nite
by A*town21 January 26, 2008
abbreviation for a disgusting couple.
1. couples who are both physically unattractive.
2. couples who cannot live without each other. dc behaviour invovles smsing each other constantly, making out in public, calling each other lame nicknames, standing within one inch of each other at all times.
omg did u see mandy and ryan today. mandy gave ryan a piggyback. it was so dc.
by eliza ryan September 17, 2006
Diet Coke - an abbreviated name for this delicious beverage.
c: Can you bring me a cold DC?
by mcmcmc August 14, 2006
Diet Coke (can be w/ or w/o caffeine)
"Yo, dude, pass me a cold DC."
by JPlev July 13, 2005
dumb cunt. A female with one brian cell.
The DC has locked herself out of the car again.
by tutkill June 05, 2005
District of Columbia, home of mayors on crack, ineffeciant school boards, high murder rates, and some really shady strip clubs.
I went to DC to get my crack fix taken care of.
by dred/loxx March 11, 2004
the code name for an extremely ,<i> desperate </i>man. I can't tell you his name because it's classified but the "d" stands for desperate. he has a deep thirst that can opnly be quenched by <i>bodily fluids</i>. he hides behind the bushes and hence he is also known as "the man behind the bushes." It is known that he is now working at a high school in a city called "albany" but the authorities have not been able to find him since albany does not apear on any maps and no one seems to know where it is. he drives in a "bush-mobile" that gets horrible milage but is powered by a renewable source: bodily fluids his partner is known as "db" bu he is the leader of the cult known as the "bush men" who hide in/under/behind bushes waiting for unsuspecting victims. he was once interoggated and asked if he had anything to do with the "bush incidents" and he responded, "Don't blame me, I voted for Gore!"
watch out for the bushes, they might contain dc
by pot stikker December 21, 2003

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