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Using a junior member of staff or a younger schoolkid to impress your customer/teacher
We wanted to close the deal so we send in a Wallis as Ron would like him and sign the contract
by Butch Willis January 23, 2009
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Verb. To drain all manner of enjoyment out of an event or situation.

Origin: Melbourne, Australia.
To wallis one's birthday.
To wallis the fun out of New Years.

To wallis my life.

She completely wallised my trip to Thailand.
by Mr Furious December 26, 2009
Slang for dog, used only in locations close to the Canadian border. The sanity of people using this slang has never, and perhaps can never, be determined. The male of this species can be easily identified by his tendency to wear rain boots while mowing the lawn.
"AWW!! What Cute Wallises!!"
by DebauchedSloth August 11, 2005
The term originates in the Southern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The " Wallis " refers to an Australian man that refuses to participate in the spirit of Christmas. He will reject any form of decent decoration or ornament for his home. He will refuse to spread the Christmas cheer and this " Grinch " will only after much persuasion eventually decide to join in the joy of the festive season by rushing out and decorating his front yard with several inflatable christmas like creatures. The subject will be quite proud of his late decorating efforts and may boast and brag to his neighbours. The " Wallis " should be watched carefully and all decorations examined as he is not unaccustomed to gaining the odd decoration through ill gotten means. The Wallis will often walk with a limp having been attacked by a vicious Gold Fish in nearby Port Hacking.
As the candle carrying christmas carol children candidly cruised the streets of Caringbah they were amazed with the various lights and colours of the houses. However, as they approached the House on the corner with the black Ford parked out front they were dissapointed to see nothing but a pile of crumpled up plastic on the front lawn. The children said " I think that`s where the " Wallis " lives.
by Michael Hingerty December 07, 2006

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