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an expression used in a positive event. no real definition its more of a sign of excitement.
i passed that class with a D! yeee!
by hustla D May 15, 2006
1. To express excitement

2. Another way of saying "yes" or "yeah"

3. Another way of saying or asking "do you agree?" or "right?"

2. "Can I go?" "Yee."

3. Your going to the party yee?? oor "She's hella crazy yee?"
by HUNNIEFLY September 02, 2006
A)When their is a fight the people around them go YEEE repeatably to bring up the hype. B) when something awesome happens everyone around goes YEEEE
by Highland Oaks May 26, 2010
a word that means "yes" or "YEAH!"
used by persians at milken along with nas and the famous cut off words like: "heb-" and "birth-".
persian #1:"Are you goin to sushi mak for J's birth?"
persian #2:"Yeee!"
by koskesh April 27, 2004
stoners came up with YEEE cause they were too lazy/ stoned to say Yea....
"You wanna smoke some tree?"
by yeee's neighbor February 24, 2005
when somebody messes up you say yeee to them
Person 1:"Oh i forgot my homework at school shoot!"
Person 2:"Yeee sucker"
by metsrule66 May 07, 2009
1) a joyful way of expressing any word you choose to replace with it
2) slang: getting high
1) "Fareweel wherever you YEEE, til your Yeees recive you at the journeys' YEEE"

2) Wanna go yeee yeeedly in yeeeness?
by Yeee on the Knee April 14, 2009
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