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The world's largest paint party! A rave-like dance with neon paint, loud techno music, flashing lights, and usually a lot of college kids on drugs and alcohol. Attendants wear white and prepare to be blasted with neon paint, dance like an idiot for 5 hours, and probably be groped by someone rollin hard.
guido1: SO pumped for dayglow this weekend! you?!

guido2: yeee ked the only thing is last time i rolled so hard i was depressed for 2 weeks. woof woof

guido1: still i'm gonna take molly and fist pump bump and grind the night away like there's no tomorrow. so worth it.
by eillomz May 12, 2011
An expression of negativity. An exclaimation of disapproval of the current situation at hand.
Forgot to take my birth control for two days. woof woof.

Dude I have to work this weekend, can't go to dayglow woof woof.
by eillomz May 12, 2011

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