Perfect example of a man who had an unequaled talent for something he had no respect for.

He skyrocketed to worldwide super-stardom within weeks of "Chappelle's Show" first airing. Let it be known that before this show he was known as "that black guy in Half-Baked", and a not-so-well-known stand up comedian.

Being raised by his college professor parents, and having a good intellect himself to boot, he knew full well what he was doing with "Chappelle's Show", as far as reinforcing racial stereotypes for the sake of (extremely hilarious) comedy, and decided to have a crisis of conscience and run away from a $50 million dollar contract (from a CABLE network no less).

He has now settled back in Ohio, where he lives as another individual who was given an extraordinary gift and ran from it, and will probably never be seen on TV again until 2020, when VH1 runs a "Where Are They Now?" Special, and will probably have some D-rate, never-has-been comedian commenting about it.
Dave Chappelle is famous for declaring himself Rick James, often times emphasizing that the person he was declaring it to was, in fact, a bitch.
by Dbusterplus August 02, 2009
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An incredibly funny comedian who hosts his own show on Comedy Central. Even though his humor caters more towards urban Black-Americans, the sheer talent of Dave, and his wide variety of sketches makes his show well worth it for anyone to watch.
Next, on the Dave Chappelle Show, we focus on the days when "Keepin' It Real" goes horribly wrong.
by sarcastic March 29, 2004
A comic genius who is admired by many but only appreciated by few. Many people only find his shallow humor funny and are blown away by some of the most clever and critical jokes he creates.
People who only talk about the Second Season of Chappelle's Show or people that only recognized his talents after the airing of the aforementioned show.
by NReb April 14, 2004
Dave is the God of comedy. Do you know why? Cuz he's from the streets bitch!
"Man white people are gonna freakout when they find out what skeet means. And when they do it will be like:
Oh my god what have we done"
by Midnight November 29, 2004
the Greatest Guy Ever, and the funniest man Alive

Plays tyrone Biggums, the crack addict
he sold our house and had a 450,000 crack party
by Im Rick James Bitch January 14, 2005
He's funny, but people repeat stuff like "I'm Rick James bitch" and "WHAT? OK! YEAH!" way too fucking much.
Asshole #1: I'm Rick James bitch!
Asshole #2: WHAT?! OK!
Asshole #1 and #2: LOL wanna have butt sex?
by Peter G October 10, 2004
Quite possibly the funniest man alive right now.
GGGG get yo ass in the car!
by Adrian January 17, 2005
Dave Chappelle- Really funny guy that has his own show on commedy central at 10:30 EST.
Dave Chappelle is really fuckin funny!
by DA GUY April 14, 2004

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