a crappy emo band with terrible lyrics, terrible music, and terrible fans
my brain will explode if i listen to anymore of this shit

douche bag music
by stan January 31, 2005
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Dashboard Confessional is a wondrous band that has excellent lyrics, many, many fans, awesome live shows, a very hot Chris Carrabba and causes many 'haters' to hate them because of the smart lyrics that can not be found in the Limp Bizkit songs they dearly love. And because they cant get any.
Me:Dashboard Confessional is the best ever!
Random Hater:They suck, just like you!
Me:Yea I bet you dont get any!
by jackjrham August 08, 2004
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An amazing emo band with amazing lyrics. Before you people go an bash their songs, because you've "earned" something about the so called emo stereotype, freakin' listen to the damn songs, mmkay? The lyrics are amazingly written, and you have no damn right what so ever to bash them.
I am, Vindicated, I Am selfish, I am Wrong, I Am Right I Swear I'm right I Swear I Knew It All Along...<333
by Savanna<3 May 24, 2005
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a band that finally made it into the spotlight...
for all you dumbasses that think all bands, such as dashboard confessional, that make it are sell-outs, what the fuck do you think any band is trying to do? go belly-up and sing for you in free shows until they get huge beer guts and lose their voice from throat cancer from inhaling to much smoke?
by Krystina December 08, 2003
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The Best Emo Band to ever play music. The DEFENITION OF EMO in its self is in Dashboard Confessional.
by Micah July 20, 2004
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A band that makes you really think about how deep these guys really suck.
I had a best freind,
But she got ran over,
cause i forgot to put on the parking brake,
so my new best friend is you

My dog has run away
I am sad today
People think im gay
But really i go both ways
by Chris Dudley January 09, 2005
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one of the most amazing bands ever... kinda like the Foo Fighters but a bit more chilled and emo.. good music about real emotions... they dont receive the praise they really deserve. very kool and very hot!
Screaming Infidelities is the best DC song ever!!
by lola February 11, 2005
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