Something that is sweet, fancy, wicked, brilliant, cute, fine!
Betty don't have a blue rinse anymore, it's a shame cus that looked damed dandy hehe!!!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
cool, good, awesome
often used in sarcasm, but also used as a catch phrase for some
"that is a freakin dandy curious cat!" danielle said
by missdandydanielle June 26, 2010
Danny and Mindy's couple name from The Mindy Project.
I ship Dandy so hard, I may cry.
by Handsome jerk November 13, 2013
slang word used to describe a person or action that resembles the qualities of being mentally challenged
Stop being so dandy/He's acting rather dandy today
by Weishu Wudai July 23, 2010
Thinking different, regardless of their surroundings or popular opinion x uber style and smarts, it has no relation to who you fuck. Always ahead of everyone else in his opinions.
Don't be messing with dandys dude, they will outsmart, outstyle and outfuck ya !
by 3Aboard January 30, 2009
code word or misspelling of handies also known as handy.
somehow the topic of dandies just got brought up and he gave me a couple of tips.
by electricadd December 07, 2007
A label
generaly tweed flatcap and briefcases.
Im bringing Dandy Back!
by Helex1905 August 25, 2008

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