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The dancing of rage as the coin drops in the "slot" and the monkey jumps to life.
As he bent over, his plumber's crack was glaringly obvious, so I took out a 5c piece and dropped it in the "slot" (his crack) and jumped back shouting loudly, "Dance Monkey, DANCE!" and so is born the dancing monkey!
by Unkl Piston November 18, 2011
3 6
Someone who does your bidding, a puppet or lackey.
Bruce is my dancing monkey.
by bobcows October 14, 2003
47 12
A dancing monkey is an accomplice who follows the leader (silver back) at all times, through thick and thin much like an urchin except acts more like a master's puppet.

Dancing Monkey is also referred to as Pinoccio.
S.D. - Cmon now S,K we gotta go do this together.

C.O. - NO! u always treat him this way, like the dancing monkey he is!

S.K - *Ching Cling*
by kooni November 20, 2007
3 12
an albino man who is eating a banana
my dad is a dancing monkey
by Martin April 19, 2003
7 34