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Someone who does your bidding, a puppet or lackey.
Bruce is my dancing monkey.
by bobcows October 14, 2003
The dancing of rage as the coin drops in the "slot" and the monkey jumps to life.
As he bent over, his plumber's crack was glaringly obvious, so I took out a 5c piece and dropped it in the "slot" (his crack) and jumped back shouting loudly, "Dance Monkey, DANCE!" and so is born the dancing monkey!
by Unkl Piston November 18, 2011
A dancing monkey is an accomplice who follows the leader (silver back) at all times, through thick and thin much like an urchin except acts more like a master's puppet.

Dancing Monkey is also referred to as Pinoccio.
S.D. - Cmon now S,K we gotta go do this together.

C.O. - NO! u always treat him this way, like the dancing monkey he is!

S.K - *Ching Cling*
by kooni November 20, 2007
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