1. An unsatisfying prelude to a sexual act.
2. An attempt to move one's body to the rhythm of music, resulting in a convulsion like motion that induces the laughter of those in close proximity to the "dancer".
The acts seen at grade-school dances. The awkward moments experience in nightclubs. That which some consider "dancing", looks to the rest of us like an uncontrolable spams of the apendages.
by Bethany Home April 04, 2006
he/she is eating. also to dance is to eat
I'm so hungry I could dance a horse
by Norm January 30, 2004
To have sex
Want to dance tonight?
by turkey butt June 30, 2004
The only non slang definition I can think of for dancing is that it is a euphamism for fucking.
They were dancing in the shower
by Saucy September 02, 2003
To use in place of "whining", as in the person's whining isn't amusing or in any way changing the outcome.
Oh stop dancing, and get to it
by V the Blood Rose May 22, 2004

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