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Another name for alcohol. Juice that makes you want to get up and DANCE.
Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares baby, i think i wanna marry you.
by MezWI November 28, 2010
Dancing juice is a mixture of ginerale and rum.
Interviewer: What's your favourite drink?
Bruno Mars: Oh, you know, just this little thing I made up. It's a mixture of rum and ginerale. I call it... dancing juice.
by MrunoBars December 06, 2011
An alcoholic beverage that often contain caffeine, which produces partially involuntary movements. Usually in front of the opposite sex.
Douchebag 1: "You see that girl? She's staring at me for an hour now."

Douchebag 2: "Of course, you have been drinking four Red Bull and Grey Goose since we arrived. You make those ugly moves again."

Douchebag 1: "It's just Dancing Juice."
by JanusH September 29, 2011
any alcoholic beverage
This dancing juice smells odd.
by The Return of Light Joker February 21, 2012