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Dancing juice is a mixture of ginerale and rum.
Interviewer: What's your favourite drink?
Bruno Mars: Oh, you know, just this little thing I made up. It's a mixture of rum and ginerale. I call it... dancing juice.
by MrunoBars December 06, 2011
Bruno Mars' pompadour styled hair. Sometimes called the 'whomp'.
Interviewer: How many products does it take to make the Bruno Mars pompadour?

Bruno: The whomp? I call it the whomp. The whomp and stomp once in a while. It's just a lot of, you know... Margarine is in there, natural fruits and berries, and surprisingly barbecue potato Pop Chips.

Interviewer: NO! Is that the secret?!

Bruno: I promise you!
by MrunoBars December 17, 2011

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