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Cans of Budweiser. Named after Dan- an alcoholic featured in an episode of the television show "Intervention"- whose drink of choice was cans of Budweiser.
Let's knock back a few dan-dans before the club tonight. I'm trying to bring a girl home and throw her a quick soulja-boy.
by ihatejags January 29, 2009
Punched in the chin.
It was SO satisfying when the jag with the yellow Corona visor got chinblasted.
by ihatejags January 29, 2009
Very drunk.
Dog, I was so Eddie-Housed after guzzling those Dan-Dans that I chinblasted that Jag!!!
by ihatejags January 29, 2009
Any deliberate action marked by swiftness and skill. e.g.: An impressive basketball move, hooking up with a girl, or aceing a college exam
Damn did you see that point gaurd's move? He threw his man a quick soulja-boy.

I took that dime from the club back to the crib and hit her with a lightning quick soulja boy.

After you soulja-boy that Chemistry final we should hit the frat party- I heard its about to pop.

by ihatejags January 29, 2009

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