A great guy whom everybody loves. He is always smiling, even when he tries really hard not to. Most girls would definitely date him. He can be really confusing, but he's one of the best friends anyone could have. Don't get him mad at you, because it is usually pretty upsetting. He's funny and cute and all around great!
That Dan over there, he's just awesome!

Wow, you see that Dan? He's really great!
by stallya. June 25, 2009
Top Definition
noun A man of unusual humor, consistently finding strange, and lewd comments amusing and/or entertaining in a way as to prevoke violent and uncontrolled outbursts of laughter.
the dan could not control him his mirth as he viewed the movie "Old School's" lewd comedy.
by DiabolicalDan89 July 20, 2006
1.n.- A man of good humor, high potential, and deep intelect. Usually one who may "blend in" but would be foolish to underestimate.

2.v.- To give the ultimate sexual pleasure to a woman.

I danned her up good.
by Mr.Pseudo March 08, 2009
Can also be used to describe anally pandering someone and can really mean anything you want it to.
I'm going to DAN you so hard your DAN falls off and DAN will thoroughly DANicate on your DAN. MASSIVE.
by DANISMASSIVE November 24, 2007
Dan is code word for dumb ass nigger. It is used when a white person wants to express his feelings in a crowd of blacks and at the same time avoid being shot.
Yo honkey why you be bumpin my girl. You want me to bust a cap in yo ass? (reply) I am very sorry for the inconvenience DAN. You can be assured it will not happen again
by Pope Paul September 09, 2005
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