Acronym for Dumb Ass Korean
Jen's nickname is Dak cuz she's a dumb ass Korean!
by Dre February 19, 2005
stands for Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Apparently it's 'nahtazu,' which you assume to be some swahili word, but it's a lame thing that Disney invented to prove that DAK is 'not a zoo.'

Check out the Festival of the Lion King, Primeval Whirl, and Dinosaur. Kali River Rapids is cool too.

An indoor rollercoaster is being built, Expedition Everest. Will prolly be pretty sweet. Prolly Disney's call to Universal's new Mummy ride.
"Why's it called DAK and not just AK?"
"Beats me."
by xavier February 06, 2005
a marijuana cigarette that is fatter than your pinky finger .
No more pinners, roll a dak this time.
by junglejim August 04, 2003
Dirty ass kayla.

someone who is dirty, a whore someone who likes to have sex to an exstream exstent.
Person 1: this girl slept with five guys last night
Person 2: Damnn she a dak
by YourMother!! February 11, 2010
a stoner;some one who smokes Marijuana;Cannibus;Herb;Green;
Joints;Bongs;Someone who is constantly high;A fine looking
MO FO;AKA pimp; located in United States of America;
located in Louisiana;
Nigga!!, Dak got so blowed last night
by TakaVodka March 31, 2008
acronym; dak - singular; daks - plural
Dumb Ass Korean(s)
definition was created in central Flordia cicra 1989
Those DAKs wear nothing but black and white.
by thedude1313 September 11, 2005
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