To talk incessantly, to someone who may or may not appreciate said dakking.
Shhh! I can't hear the movie over your dakking!
by Mahkia March 13, 2013
1.) short for Dakota

2.)A short douche from Illinois that thinks he is a hardass and can beat up anybody....but he cannot.
Danny thinks he is a real Dak
by asstastic51 May 12, 2011
DAK means "Deautsche Afrika Korps". It's the german army in north Africa during world war II (1941 - 43). Probaly most famous man in it was Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel.
In 1943 DAK started using Tiger tank.
by USM1A1 Thompson March 12, 2006
To hit, strike or scratch something in a very specific manner.
1. Hey Veronica, what happened to your car?

2. Someone dak'ed it when I was at the casino.

3. That's not quite what it means, I don't think you're using it correctly.
by Stinkerz July 08, 2012
1) Rooster/Chicken in Korean..male/female..

2) Da. Asian. King.

3) Marijuana
1) Let's go gamble on some DAK fights!!

2) DAK rock that concert tonight.

3) We should smoke some of that dak after work.
by Real DAK July 18, 2009
Acronym for Dumb Ass Korean
Jen's nickname is Dak cuz she's a dumb ass Korean!
by Dre February 19, 2005
a dumb ass kracker meanin a dumb ass white person
white people are D.A.K.
by chaparito July 25, 2006

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