Acronym for Democracy's Awesome King
Man, Bush is so not DAK, now...
by Brickmurus April 12, 2005
The anthisis of dag
You wrecked my ride...that was totally dak!
by TheDuane June 05, 2004
Dak: Mostly tall , easy obeyed fellow. Usually wears make-up and smells like a fairy. Will usually marry their first love that puts up with there girly emotions. Parents sometimes walk in on yor frequent sex habbits. But all around is a pretty amazing guy.
Dak: Hi im dak, does my make-up really look that bad?

Halie & Bri:YES. Dak it really does.
by Dont be mad!! June 10, 2009
Extremely conservative guy on the NG Politics BBS
Dak is such an asshole.
by jem February 13, 2005
a reincarnation of buddychrist, equipped with holy powers such as turning coke into pepsi and the ability to turn anything into a bong.
I'm glad dak plays for #default. with jesus on our side we won't lose one round.
by a//coKe? January 27, 2004
An Asian Mofo
Those Daks smell like theyv been eatin theyr own asses.
by Bulla September 06, 2003
Dirty Ass Kid

A nigga who only washes his clothes in the pouring rain, he smell like shit that fell out a plane
Dat niggas a DAK nigga!
by Blapstar November 08, 2005
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