A nickname for the city of San Diego, used by people who are not from San Diego, but want to give the impression that they are. See also: poser.
Yeah, bro, I spent some time in Dago- the bitches are hot down there.
by Dan H1 September 22, 2007
Dago is the cool way of sayin daigo it is for only italians so stop refererin to spaniards n stuff as dago not hapiinin. Southern italian origins= Sudago
Northern italian origins= Nordago
Wer u from Dago Calabrese alright wat u doin sudago!
by Sudago070707 September 12, 2007
In addition to all of the negative meanings, it's ALSO a slang nick-name for San Diego. Not someone from here, but for the city itself.
I'm in Dago for the weekend. Dago's where it's at.
by imadjdiva July 31, 2006
Commonly used as slang for Italians. Means that an Italian works for a DAY and then wants to GO on vacation.
Those greasy dago's always want time off.
by Super Squid April 13, 2006
Word used by people who live in a mobile home or old weatherbeaten farm house in a rural area of a red state, to describe movement, esp. to or from something
Dar dago to the store!
by count_blah September 21, 2006
"Dago" means dagger in Italian unlike other dumbfucks who thinks its stands for people from "San Diego".
People who are racists against Italians are obviously arrogant pricks who are to stereotypical to understand real Italian values. Italian-Americans as you call it have about 5% of Italian blood in them and have also been brainwashed to act like a mafia goon, have slick hair and act rich. While real Italians are pricks, or bitches. No we don't all have big penis's and no we aren't all genius's. But we do have more family values then any other country. And every Italian loves soccer.
Call me a dago, and imma fuck your ass up. Then give you the definition of your so-called insult.
by M-boy July 09, 2006

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