An offensive slur toward Italian's who migrated to the United States. Many worked and were paid as the "Day Goes" like modern day "day laborers". Many Italian Americans will not be offended if you know where and how this is derived.
Them dagos over there get paid at the end of the day or we will give them a half days pay if we finish early because they get paid as the day goes
by jeff sipos February 06, 2007
Slur for an Italian-American immigrants with origin as follows:

In America, port cities were flooded with waves of different immigrant groups, most unable to speak English and unable to hold any but the most menial jobs because of it. But they all wanted to get ahead and learn enough English to become foreman instead of laborers or clerks instead of stockboys. In the case of Italian-Americans they arrived in the wake of a wave of Irish Catholics, who had fought their way through and worked their way into the better jobs the Italians now had their eyes on. To forestall this competition for their jobs the irish did what had been done to them - they made it dangerous for Italian Americans to go out in the evenings to the places where they would have the opportunity to interact with people and learn English and how to get ahead. They addressed Italians as "Day-Goers" mispronounced as "Dagos" both as a racial slur and a form of intimidation.
A dago like him ought to stay off the streets and in his place.
by Sentira August 26, 2008
A derogatory word for American Italians. The original immigrants were payed as the "day goes", instead of having a fixed salary. This was then morphed into dago.
Mike Rossi, J.M. Talarico, and Ted Spinelli are some hardcore dagos.
by memakeme December 16, 2008
slang term for the city of San Diego
Hey bro, kick rocks! Your not even FROM Dago
by anto1511 October 06, 2010
san diego
Those Peckerwoods are from Dago.
by Peckerwood Grump September 22, 2008
Das a good one.
"Are you bad?!"
Alex: "DAGO."
by yaboihuyzmayne October 01, 2011
Dago, Only used by italians in the same context as nigga and friend also used by others as an offensive word against italians. Sometimes it is used to refure to other latin peoples but only out of ignorance.

Similiar words:
Paesan- Homeboy/Countryman
(Any other words are incorrect or racist like guinea, wop, daigo, wog all false degrading words that italians dont address other italians with)
Ay Dago! Ay Paesan wat u doin!
by LilDago October 25, 2007

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