Das A Good One
DAGO you think your funny.
by DAGOGG June 30, 2011
Acronym for "DAS A GUD ONE." Usually used when revealing the the state of being trolled.
Timmy: Yo, where's Linny?
Alex: She died, bro...
Timmy: What.... :(
Timmy: DAGO
Alex: DAGO
by robotizking June 29, 2011
Dago:Someone who is always there no matter what,will do anything even if its ridiculous just to see you smile.He is perfect in every way.Tall,Athletic,intelligent,Funny,Handsome. Dago:Loves soccer but it isn't his life,does things for the best and says things that are true(speaks his mind).There will never be a time when you don't smile around him. When you met him you will love him so treat him well,love him,and respect him and he will treat you the same. Dago: has a temper but is only shown when something really bothers him. Dago:Usually a gamer MW2.FIFA(PS3 Guy) He's Greatly loved (A lot by his Gf :]) Claims to forget things but deep down he knows :P Dago:The most funniest,awesomest,caring, loving,unforgettable person you will ever know
Guy:Have you met that guy dago?
Flora:Yes i can't get enough of him he's so unforgettable
by FloraV July 27, 2010
its just an italian. no spanish or portugese people dummy.
i dont like greasy dagos, because i dont like italians, and they are the same thing...
by barbarino May 31, 2005
Brit derog for a Spanish person, not an Italian.
That Dago fooled the wife and me alright - Betjeman
by Lord Grimcock January 23, 2008
A derogatory term towards Italians, derived from "Diego" and used to compare early Italian immigrants to Mexicans.
Call me a Dago and I'll woop your ass.
by godfather187 December 11, 2006
Individual who fallows you around. Unwantedly
Where ever you go. DaGo
by beckband August 09, 2007
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