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A celebration to a pagan god known as "Capitalism".
Im to broke for christmas, and a capitalist economy.
by M-boy February 15, 2006
The people that whooped everyones ass in the FIFA Championships of 1982, and 2006.
Nobody scored on them in the Championships of 2006 except for an Auto-Goal, and a penalty kick given to France in the finals that wasn't worth it.
Either way we won. To bad fuck off.
We make good pasta. We have good sex.
And we have family values. And actually eat dinner at a reasonable time with EVERYONE sitting down at the table.
Fuck is wrong with these Americans eating at 6 or 5, and not even eating together.
Fuck is with TV Dinner?
Damn I cant stand stereotypes. Italians kick ass.
Ciao saluti ai tutti mie fratelli and sorelle di Italia!!!
Viva la Italia!
by M-boy July 09, 2006
Fascist Dictator in Italy during World War II. Brought Italy up from a depression, and actually helped Italy. Was a great leader, and was forced into an alliance by Germany fascist dictator Adolf Hitler, otherwise Italy would of been invaded aswell.
Assasinated by communist pigs 28th of April 1945, along with his mistress. Was hung up in the city square for display.
There was no point in killing Mussolini mistress nor hanging their body's for display. Communist are greedy sons of bitches, who when they say "Equality for all!" they really mean "We will control and censor everything, and keep all the wealth for ourselves."
It would be a good governemnt like democracy, if human beings weren't such greedy, selfish perpetual sons of bitches.
by M-boy March 08, 2006
The crime of stealing many air vehicles such as Airplanes or Helicopters. Only hard ass mother fuckers pull off a job like that.
Cop:"Did you hear about that one Marcus kid?"
Cop1:"Nah, what?"
Cop:"Got busted for Grand Theft Aero. Mother fucker was stealing planes!"
by M-boy January 23, 2006
(Brigate Rose)A revolutionary terrorist group in Italy. They formed in 1970 as a Marxist revolutionary group trying to seperate Italy from the Western Alliance. Most famous for their kidnapping and assasination of Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978. Now they have gone underground for a while, and not much has been heard about them since 1989 when they hardly managed to survive the Cold War. Not much has been heard from them in a while, and are now a very fragile group, with no original members.
If you go in Italy whatever the hell you do. Do NOT tell people you are American. And under no circumstances mention the Red Brigades unless you want to get shot.
by M-boy February 16, 2006
there is a difference between being in love and love. you are in love...it's chemical, its perceptual. to truly love someone is an action, it is to be loving. it is more than an emotion. you feel the emotion of being in love. sucks cock huh?
Love is all giving, and no getting. After a while it becomes so monotonous you feel like the lowest life form on the planet. You feel that you'll never be at anyones level.
by M-boy February 26, 2006
President of Italy, part of the Communist party. Or as an italian would say.
"Un Vis De Caz"
Guy: Hey do you know a place where they give good head?
Guy2: No but you can go ask Romano Prodi.
Guy: You mean "Il Vis De Caz"? Fuck that I dont want AIDS
by M-boy June 24, 2006

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