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Marijuana, used in Africa. Literally "Holy Smoke"
Look at that pigmy smoke that dagga!
by Mr_Incognito December 08, 2002
25 90
Yet another slang term for weed.
Dagga is smoked in Africa.
by SuperSonicX September 25, 2006
234 110
A Jamaican dance where dudes grind on girls in various ways....DO NOT DO THIS UNLLESS YOU ARE SKILLED THIS DANCE KILLED PEOPLE BEFORE
"A which gyal a ask if a bragga dat? come ova yah so n mek mi dagga dat"

(Which girl's askin if its Bragga? Come over here and let me dagga her)
by HeArTbReAk KiDd June 15, 2009
213 117
you guys all suck cock, I speak Afrikaans, and dagga doesn't mean holy smokes. (suck my dick) it's just a word we use over in SA 4 weed. so all you poms kn go hav sex with a rat
let us smoke some dagga
by yomommaisfat April 21, 2005
262 173
Same as above. Except contrary to popular belief, it does not mean 'holy smokes' in Afrikaans. a few Afrikaans words for it is Zol, pyle, Zaan, giggelgras.
This Zol is some gewd shit. Best dagga ive had in ages.
by div0 April 11, 2005
102 71
weed home grown in south africa
by soulja77 March 01, 2010
58 41
when using the word day with your niggas, save yourself some time and just throw out a dagga.
Yo son I be getting drunk and high with these bitches every dagga.
by Murder He Wrote January 21, 2010
21 51
meaning excellent, great, cool.
"that skirt with the pattern, healed shoes, ancklet, large belt and toe ring look DAGGA on you honey"
by Paul Roberts May 09, 2006
15 70