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(1) A professional wrestling match in which many wrestlers are in the ring at the same time, someone gets elliminated when they are thrown over the top rope.

(2) A freaky ass Novel turned Manga turned Movie in which society is breaking down, so the government decides to enact the "Battle Royale Act" (BR for short). This gives them the power to send high school students to an island, give them all weapons, and force them to kill eachother. (Go read the book NOW, or dl the movie from Kazaa)

(3) Said law in the fictional time of the novel
(1) Tonight's Battle Royale will consist of 36 really hot chicks.

(2) After i saw Battle Royale, i locked myself in my room and cried.

(3) The Battle Royale act sucked.
by Mr_Incognito June 29, 2003
Marijuana, used in Africa. Literally "Holy Smoke"
Look at that pigmy smoke that dagga!
by Mr_Incognito December 08, 2002
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