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adj. A much cooler sounding version of the word good.

Origins: "As Vana'diel Turns"
Fins: So I made this macro the other day...
Pru: Oh really? /killself
Fins: Wanna see it?
Pru: No, I...I don't really...actually. Just don' it to me...acutally..don't show me.
Fins: OK here goes.
HP=100% <annoyingnoise 9>
Pru: Wow. That's...That's pretty gewd. That's pretty good...

(example (c) the creators of "As Vana'diel Turns")
by Kotone~chan March 27, 2005
means good..something is okay or fine by you
i got a mad gewd grade on that test.
by patrick March 06, 2005
A term used to express feelings of being gyped or cheated. Mostly used for online gaming
DUDE! I just got Gew'd by this noob on xbox
by solo minimus May 13, 2009
When someone obeys to another person. They do things under their command like a "gewd" or "gewd bitch"
Boyfriend: "Go make me a sandwich."
Girlfriend: "Okay"
Boyfriend: "GEWD"
by iwonderwhothisis November 28, 2010
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