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Unlike Demons, which are extradimensional creatures, Daemons are what are best described as negative beings, or walking vortexes of dark matter. They are beings of pure evil that are from a prallel universe. As soon as a gap is breached between our universe and theirs, a massive extinction often occurs. Daemons are unstoppable, except by the Demons and Gods.
The last Daemon invasion took place 65 million years ago, and wiped out the first truly intelligent civilization on earth.
by detranova December 03, 2003
A unix program that runs in the background of the system. Often signified with the -d suffix on the end of a program name.
by Parallax July 03, 2003
In short, they are your soul. The spelling is taken from the His Dark Materials books. The concept in the books was taken from Aristotle's concept of a daimon who was his spiritual guide.

A daemon in our world is incorporeal, more of a voice in your head. When people visualize them, they are usually animals. They can shapeshift to almost anything. Eventually they will settle as an animal that reflects your personality and character the best.
My daemon is settled as a red fox.
by Anacetios June 28, 2007
Variant of daimon.
Daimon: "An attendant spirit"

"Computer Science: A program or process that sits idly in the background until it is invoked to perform its task."
I have several daemon processes running in the background that attend to my various needs.
by mackkie February 01, 2004
the medieval spelling of the word demon
stray ye not far at night lest ye be taken by the dæmons
by Zenith November 22, 2006
Another word for melon.
Girl 1: Hey, did you just see that Daemon!?
Girl 2: Yeah! It looked pretty juicy!
by KHReborn February 13, 2012
A special denomination of the id and superego. Has the power to distort your emotion and feel space and memory mingling in your body. Often takes the form of an anthro when you imagine it as yourself, which is perfectly normal. Is also called a familiar or shikigami.
My daemon is called Ulysses Rhinehardt. He's a fox.
by DooDooMan December 10, 2007
A person who tells bad sexual jokes and wanks in public toilets
1. That joke was terrible, he is such a Daemon
2. Tim been in the toilet for a while he must be chucking a Daemon
by gavin north April 05, 2010