Three different definitions that are all sexually connected: 1) Your father, 2) What a great (male) lover demands his bitch call him, 3) The object of many little girls' desire.
"When daddy crept into my room late at night and said I needed to be punished, he really did show me who my daddy was! God, my daddy makes me horny!!"
by Doctor Phew August 14, 2011
A hot, sexy, mature confident and independent man.
Alexander is daddy AF, I don't worry about anything.
by Manypapi May 14, 2015
What hoes (prostitutes) call their pimp out of love and respect.
Here's all the money I made today Daddy!!
by smileycakes January 31, 2011
A sexual term used for another person's significant other mostly used when a person is trying to be sexual or ignite the other person
Hey daddy
by Aidanbby January 14, 2015
acknowledging when a male does something worthy of recognition

Greeting a male worthy of recognition
What's good daddy !
by Mr. Lehgoo April 19, 2011
In male prisons, a prisoner who is always the pitcher, man or top, i.e. the penetrator or recipient of fellatio, in same-sex relations with a prisoner who is the catcher, girl or boy, i.e. the penetrated or fellator.
Mark was a notorious daddy in San Quentin. He was runnin up in and gettin head off all the young dudes coming in.
by bxmuscle March 15, 2008
what to call an older man above 30 that you are sleeping with! esp when out in public and when your doing it.
OHHH Daddy you know you want to buy that for me. Ill make sure you get what you want tonight, Daddy!
by Daddys girl March 28, 2005

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