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what to call an older man above 30 that you are sleeping with! esp when out in public and when your doing it.
OHHH Daddy you know you want to buy that for me. Ill make sure you get what you want tonight, Daddy!
by Daddys girl March 28, 2005
A word some females use to describe their sex partner out just boyfriend.
Is that dick for Daddy?

Say my name bitch! "Yes Daddy"
by Igno February 15, 2005
A term used to replace any word in a sentence. The term can be used more than once in the sentence as long as the meaning of the sentence remains intact. To use the term in a joking manner use it in an absolutely ridiculous situation or use it far too many times in a sentence.
The term can also be used as a greeting or to say goodbye.
Originated from The University of Iowa
Replacing a word in a sentence:
Daddy me that remote. (Pass me that remote)
What are you daddies doing? (What are you guys doing?)
Toss me a daddy. (Toss me a beer.)

At the end of a conversation:
Friend 1: Okay well, I have to get to class.
Friend 2: See you later buddy.
Friend 1: Daddy.
by HerkyHawkeyes March 28, 2013
1. Your Daddy is a very special man. The only man in your life who will be there the whole time without a girl having to begin to doubt. As he watches her grow he feeds her his love which is why when a girl has her Daddy there, she will become a beautiful woman. He protects her, he laughs with her, he loves her, he hugs her, he plays with her and he's with her until the very end.
2. (Daddy-Long-Legs) A freakish long-legged flying spider.
1. The girl hugged her Daddy.
2. The Daddy-Long-Legs got squashed because it was hideous.
by Princess Jelly Bean. June 05, 2012
Three different definitions that are all sexually connected: 1) Your father, 2) What a great (male) lover demands his bitch call him, 3) The object of many little girls' desire.
"When daddy crept into my room late at night and said I needed to be punished, he really did show me who my daddy was! God, my daddy makes me horny!!"
by Doctor Phew August 14, 2011
A name used by females of mostly younger ages to call there father
My daddy is such a great dad!
by cookie monster2201 December 01, 2013
acknowledging when a male does something worthy of recognition

Greeting a male worthy of recognition
What's good daddy !
by Mr. Lehgoo April 19, 2011