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acknowledging when a male does something worthy of recognition

Greeting a male worthy of recognition
What's good daddy !
by Mr. Lehgoo April 19, 2011
This is a term used to describe or even nickname someone with much authority, in fluence, or power. It is commonly used to describe atheltes, business figures, politicians, or even just someone experiencing any kind of success. The word may be applied to anyone, from someone of celebrity status to a complete stranger; the word is most often applied to celebrities and close friends though.
The volleyball team likes to use the nickname 'Daddy' for the people who get the most sets and the most kills, one player each from JV and Varsity.

When Kuchinic gets elected this fall, just call him Daddy.

Daddy just aced that quiz in Kimel's class!
by The General June 06, 2004
an extremely, super sexy male with huge muscles, nice abs, nice ass. He knows how to treat a lady and can really take care of her and spoil her.
Girl: "I'm lookin' for a daddy tonight"
by harkersky5674 November 29, 2011
Daddy can now be used to describe anything as amazing, awesome, or outstanding! In the past, people used to use the word 'sick' or 'sik' - today, the term 'daddy' is quickly taking it's place. Daddy can be used in a plethora of ways to explain how 'rad' an experience is, was or will be. Think 'weak' as antonym.
That's daddy!
The food was daddy!
My business class flight back from UK was daddy!
That girl is daddy! (you know what I mean!)
Tiger hit a daddy shot!
Michael Phelps is daddy!
Not sure the opening Olympics Ceremony in UK was daddy!
I just got my backyard redone, it's daddy!
by KeshDaddy August 10, 2012
A person of hispanic decent who acts very vibrant and has a strong latino accent. usually dominicans known to live in the washington heights area of NYC, not to be confused with "vatos" in LA. Daddys will dance to bachata blaring out of boom boxes in the street while eating weird dominican things like fish heads. Daddies also enjoy wearing ed hardy and gigantic sunglasses.

Head Rep: Daddy Yankee. (Latino Rapper)
yeah they were screaming WASA WASA and wearing outdated Nikes that looked new
by Daddyfinder January 05, 2011
AKA .::. Father Intelligent stalkers that follow your life in a way you cannot imagine. Always for good reason. They love you better than any man ever will. It's a special bond that could never be described with simplistic words. They know you better than any one and can find you no matter were you are in this universe. They know all your hidden box letters even when you think they are oblivious. They know it all.
I love you daddy.I know your watching always;) See you on the flip side.
by I'mnottellin'U'whichone April 18, 2010
Daddies.....Big Daddy little Daddy Big Daddies...
In the underground world of drugs and sleaze Crack Rocks and Whites which is is really cocaine mixed with other other substances to form a solid.
Daddies When you normally purchase Crack they come in small clusters of broken white pieces costing anything from 10-100 pounds. a piece also depending on the quality and quantity. When having purchased your crack, one might comment and say they have a 'Big Daddy' or if they have not had a good deal they commonly might say a 'small Daddy'
The name has been derived from the 70's wrestling legend commonly known as 'Big Daddy' who was a larger than life proffesional wrestler who must have weighed about 30 stone. Daddies
by Bunjy the -legend- BS4 crew January 16, 2006