what to call an older man above 30 that you are sleeping with! esp when out in public and when your doing it.
OHHH Daddy you know you want to buy that for me. Ill make sure you get what you want tonight, Daddy!
by Daddys girl March 28, 2005
exactly what Zayn is to me
"When do I get to taste it daddy?"
by BleachedZayn May 21, 2016
A word a hoodrat calls a fuckboy because they believe it's "sexy". But in all reality you just look gross.
I'm a daddy's girl but I ain't talking about my father you hear?
by Iknowbest June 19, 2016
Gay slang for an older gay man with money.
I'm on the hunt for a new daddy. My last one lost his job.

I'm tired of working all of these hours. I need to get me a daddy.
by Tomahhtoe July 31, 2009
Something you shouldn't call your boyfriend.
Fuck me, daddy.
by sticky note June 29, 2016
A word some females use to describe their sex partner out just boyfriend.
Is that dick for Daddy?

Say my name bitch! "Yes Daddy"
by Igno February 15, 2005
A name used by females of mostly younger ages to call there father
My daddy is such a great dad!
by cookie monster2201 December 01, 2013
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