An altruistic commander-in-chief of a particular entity. One is not simply voted or appointed Daddy; being Daddy is a lifestyle .
According to a famous proverb by Daddy, "Happy living starts with happy teeth and gums."

Daddy brings his subordinates on an educational field trip to watch heavy-weight hog fighting.

Whenever you call Daddy, he'll be there.

The magic in Daddy's pants makes Ke$ha blush.

Like Daddy always says: "Home is where you hang your heart and your 36"x48" painting of Kathy Bates."

If you're sad, crawl your little papoose into Daddy's arms for some love.
by DaddyD218 January 12, 2015
This is a term used to describe or even nickname someone with much authority, in fluence, or power. It is commonly used to describe atheltes, business figures, politicians, or even just someone experiencing any kind of success. The word may be applied to anyone, from someone of celebrity status to a complete stranger; the word is most often applied to celebrities and close friends though.
The volleyball team likes to use the nickname 'Daddy' for the people who get the most sets and the most kills, one player each from JV and Varsity.

When Kuchinic gets elected this fall, just call him Daddy.

Daddy just aced that quiz in Kimel's class!
by The General June 06, 2004
A term used to replace any word in a sentence. The term can be used more than once in the sentence as long as the meaning of the sentence remains intact. To use the term in a joking manner use it in an absolutely ridiculous situation or use it far too many times in a sentence.
The term can also be used as a greeting or to say goodbye.
Originated from The University of Iowa
Replacing a word in a sentence:
Daddy me that remote. (Pass me that remote)
What are you daddies doing? (What are you guys doing?)
Toss me a daddy. (Toss me a beer.)

At the end of a conversation:
Friend 1: Okay well, I have to get to class.
Friend 2: See you later buddy.
Friend 1: Daddy.
by HerkyHawkeyes March 28, 2013
Daddy can now be used to describe anything as amazing, awesome, or outstanding! In the past, people used to use the word 'sick' or 'sik' - today, the term 'daddy' is quickly taking it's place. Daddy can be used in a plethora of ways to explain how 'rad' an experience is, was or will be. Think 'weak' as antonym.
That's daddy!
The food was daddy!
My business class flight back from UK was daddy!
That girl is daddy! (you know what I mean!)
Tiger hit a daddy shot!
Michael Phelps is daddy!
Not sure the opening Olympics Ceremony in UK was daddy!
I just got my backyard redone, it's daddy!
by KeshDaddy August 10, 2012
an extremely, super sexy male with huge muscles, nice abs, nice ass. He knows how to treat a lady and can really take care of her and spoil her.
Girl: "I'm lookin' for a daddy tonight"
by harkersky5674 November 29, 2011
AKA .::. Father i.e. meaning the Intelligent stalkers that follow your life in a way you cannot imagine. They protect their daughters with th life they live for you. Always for good reason. They love their daughters better than any man ever will. It's a special bond that could never be described with simplistic words. They know you better than any one and can find you no matter were you are in this universe. They know all your hidden box letters even when you think they are oblivious. They know it all.
I love you daddy. See you know where to find me. See you on the flip side.
by KhellzBellz<3'sUoldMan April 18, 2010
Any set numner of person(s) who is in possession of a certain favorable substance, usually some form of tabbacco or alcohol, who is constantly giving small portions around to all of his or her peers.
"Hey Let Me get a Hit of Daddy's"<--Usually in reference to a black and mild or marijuana.

"Hey dude, let me get a pinch from Daddy's"<-- Usually in reference to smokeless tabbacco.
by steve schenck July 19, 2006

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