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A word, usually followed by something possibly sexual.
the trick to a good "daddy" is to make it something that is subtely related to sex. too obvious, and you're in trouble, but too vague, and no one laughs. if you get it just right, you're on the line where people know what you're on about, but if asked why you were making references to sex, you can claim innocence, and then ask about the acusers dirty mind... *rolls eyes*
Daddy, that doesn’t taste like whipped cream
Daddy, what flavour is that lollipop?
Daddy, I’m not sure I like your lollipop
Daddy, that’s not custard.
Daddy, it’s all warm and sticky
Daddy, it hurts
Daddy, that’s not blood
Daddy, I’m bleeding
Daddy, it’s stretching me
Daddy, take it out
Daddy, you’ve gone soft
Daddy, how do I make my soldier stand down?
Daddy, how do I get my little fireman to dampen down?
Daddy, what’s that hair for?
Daddy, it won’t fit
Daddy, I’m not sure I like it
Daddy, I’ve only got one
Daddy, you’re in the hospital because when your little bird started spitting at me I snapped its neck, jumped on its eggs and burnt its nest.
Daddy, I’ve got a hair in my teeth
Daddy, is that real yoghurt?
Daddy, it smells of poo
Daddy, I can’t walk
Daddy, it tickles
Daddy, let’s show mummy
Daddy, I saw that on the internet
Daddy, I’ll be the altar boy!
Daddy, give me back my clothes!
Daddy, it’s chunky
Daddy, it tastes like salt
Daddy, that’s naughty
Daddy, will that show up on an X-ray?
Daddy, I think it’s stuck
Daddy, it’s massive!
by VisualShock January 13, 2007
Danger wank is to masurbate within say a dick-length of the enemy. the enemy being someone who's gonna snap off your bird, break it's eggs and burn it's nest, when they catch you.

The object of danger wanking is to entice yourself into a sense of security, then your climax makes you grunt and BOOM they've seen you.
***Get out all your magazines/dvds***
***Open your bedroom door***
***Unzip your jeans***
***Whip out the one-eyed-milk man***
***proceed to Danger Wank***

"MUM!!! ...."

you must finish and put everything away by the time she gets to the top of the stairs...


On a long journey in the car:
Sit in the back, while someone else is in the front
whip out your lolipop, and proceed to wank
you must finish without rocking the car off course, atracting attention in the rear-view mirror, or making an audiable sound.

go on, try it....
don't do it for you, do it for the little guy
by VisualShock November 20, 2006
An often misused word. Terror is a n emotion simmilar to fear. Terrorism is an act of inflicting terror. terror is to be scared
when he said "Boo" i felt terror running through me.
by VisualShock September 05, 2007
Used in army, and more commonly in the polive forces 13-69 is intended to sound, to a civilian, like technical jargon from police/army codes. 13-69 is actually a low-blow insult meaning unlucky cock-sucker. 13 being unlucky, and 69 being an obvious sexual posion. 69
"aw man, my wife kicked me out last night, can i stay at your place?"
"No way! it ain't my fault you're a 13-69"
by VisualShock September 03, 2006
Emo sexual is someone who claims to have crossed the borders of straight and gay. In short it is an emo who kissed guys and girls. mostly this is called bisexual, although bisexual is doing it under your own free will. emo sexual is kissing both male and female for the emo-cred. much like ctreet credit, but emo-cred.
"Dude, did you see dave, he was kissing a guy!"
"yeah, he's gone emo sexual"
by VisualShock August 15, 2006
Y'am is a shortened version of Yes i am.
often varies to "mmmm'y'am" being a thoughtful y'am.
Dude, you there?
by VisualShock September 27, 2006
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