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adj. Used to describe someone who is homosexual and has the desire to experiment with the opposite sex. The state of mind could be a graduial decline or a heriditary trait. Most people find their true inner sexual desire during their years at college, where they might decide to dabble with members of the other sex.
After beginning to dabble with manhunt.net Andy soon realized that his orientation needed to be changed to hetero-curious.
by abcg March 13, 2005
To experiment sexually with members of your own gender in order to learn a wealth of knowledge possessed by the other experienced person.
Tired of received no sexual gratification, Andy decided to dabble with homosexuality and soon realized he was hetrocurious.
by abcg March 09, 2005
The most extreme form of a tea bag: when a duude is able to successfully fit his entire testes satchel into a chick's asshole.
"Awww nigga, nuts in the ass and dick in the pussy"
by abcg May 09, 2005

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