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an over rated rap group selected out of various auditions and later signed by p.diddy. they sound like very other wanna be rapper out there with their cheap generic word play and irratible way repeating catch hooks.
man you sound like da band
by x January 11, 2004
Most fakest addition to the Bay Boy record label. Also known for having the corniest raps and trying to be gangsta when in truth, most are wankstas or diva bitchez
Da Band is so gay that I'm hiring a hitman to kill them each indivually
by Rikki January 05, 2005
a horribly disappointing rap group which had high expectations who was signed accidentally by p. diddy.
after releasing their first album "too hot for tv" everyone knew for sure da band sucked
by kalil December 05, 2003
One of the best things to happen to Bad Boy Records.
They could have been one of the best groups ever.
by TVGFLINT March 17, 2005
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