1. An expression of grief or anger, derived from the realization of an idiotic act or mistake.

2.An expression of whoa.
"Why aren't you wearing any pants Simpson?"

by DDarko September 26, 2005
used when something goes wrong
Person: Did you remember to lock the door?
You: D'oh!
by bread infection October 24, 2005
A combination of damn and oh.
D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh!
by EJL November 05, 2003
A clever term used by the famous,(or infamous)Homer J. Simpson.
D'oh means doing something stupid and not relizing it 'till later on.
<Marge>Homer,where are your pants.
<Homer>Outside drying.
(satillite falls on his his pants and burns them)
by wasd April 07, 2006
To express verbally, that you royally fucked up! Used by Homer Simpson. From the television show The Simpsons.
When Homer Simpson gets caught in a lie when he thought he was getting away with it, will bellow out :"Doh!" His facial expression is basically, he looks mad at himself.
by X-Doomer June 27, 2002
Side Note: When this term appears in scripts for The Simpsons, it appears as the words "ANNOYED GRUNT"

Bart quickly flees the kitchen with Homer's wallet

BART: "See Ya, Home-Boy"
by nemo March 30, 2004
A word commonly used by Homer Simpson (sometimes his family) from the Fox TV show, "The Simpsons" He says it when something bad, annoying, etc. happens. Also if he made a mistake. Or even sometimes when he is pulling a prank and it fails.
(driving a long ways away)
Homer: Hey everybody! We're almost there.
Marge: Did you remember to lock the front door?
Homer: Do'h! (goes home and locks the front door)
Marge: Oh. Did you remember when you locked the front, to lock the back?
Homer(angry): Do'h! (locked the back)
Lisa: Dad! We left grandpa at the gas station!
(Lisa keeps on staring at Marge and Homer. Homer still drives without hesitation of turning back.)
by Fuujin June 13, 2006

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