Used for Expressing one's dislike for the current situation

Accepted into the Engish Oxford Dictionary and thus is a real word
by Duder October 01, 2003
A word that the popular character from the Simpsons (Homer) uses quite often
by Muffin Man September 16, 2003
Something Homer Simpson says when he's done something wrong.
Flanders: Okely-diddly-dokely
Simpson: D'oh!
by Persephone~ December 26, 2008
1. Implying that one has said or done something stupid

2. Implying that another has said or done something stupid
"Simpson! Why aren't you wearing any pants?"

by Rob Sears January 03, 2002
Used by Homer Simpson in frustration. Was recently added into that English dictionary from England that had about 20 volumes, or something like that... apparantly, they've been adding many new words into it, including "girl power". Don't ask me, I didn't do it!
Hmmm... let's look through this dictionary here... I bet I can find a lot of new words, mommy! my teacher will be proud... hmmm... let's look here... boobs? Oh what's that? Let's read the definition... hmmm... that's interesting... ok, what else is there in here? oooo, look at this mommy! ... blowjob? what does that mean mommy?... ooo, i see! have you ever done that mommy? to who? daddy? will you do it to me once, mommy? does it feel good? mommy? mommy, why are you lying on the floor with your eyes closed? mommy? hello? mommy?????
Used in annoyance or in a moment when you do something stupid
-thinking- dont say revenge, dont say revenge -speaking- Umm... revenge! -pauses for a moment- Do'H!
by Ian December 13, 2003
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