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The most talented and amazingest girl in the world! Once you meet her you fall in love with her. She has amazing eyes, Amazing hair and she can never be replaced. Dont waste her, shes a charm and her smile lightens everones day.
John: You see maryanna yesturay?
David: YES! she was soo amazing.
John: Dude, all she said to you was high and then she left.
David: At lest she said something!

by Kevin Mory October 10, 2011
32 8
A sweet cinnamon bun with a cream cheese glaze and walnuts on top.
That Maryanna tasted so sweet for breakfast.
by Pickle Eating Homophobe July 06, 2008
39 20
a pig-slut man whore
I cant believe you kissed that Maryanna!
by statz November 19, 2008
23 52