Once an abbreviation for see you later, now in some southern parts of the country it has become a word of disapproval or even an insult. Could also be a noun. IMPORTANT: must be spelled this way! 'Seeyah' does not me the same thing!
friend 1: "Hey I'm having a party tonight, wanna come?"
friend 2: "Can't. It's my girlfriend's birthday."
friend 1: "Umm... cya."
friend 2: "Yeah, I know. So who's coming?"

friend 1: "Dude, why are you so gay?"
friend 2: "Cya!"

My mom's being a total cya and making me go to the stupid family reunion.
by madpwn November 07, 2010
1. a short way of saying "see you later" usually used online on IM
2. Can be used as a nickname for Cynthia- you just subtract the "nthi"
1. Ill talk to u lada Cya
2. Heyyy Cya watz gewd?
by Cya November 07, 2006
The quickest way to say good bye around. The phrase see ya made into one word, pernounced rather quickly.
E-Z Cutco E: Go make 5 calls and call em back. CYA. (hangs up)

Sales Rep: Okay, by..did he hang up already. He must be on crack. C yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
by T. Diddy December 15, 2005

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