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An overall great series of underdog boxing movies.

The first one was fantastic.
Two - Four were mindless fun.
Five blew.
1: Hey, man. Wanna watch the Rocky box-set?
2: Alright, but only if we skip Five.
by KewDrew January 04, 2006
An American comedian, writer, and show-host who shares many agnostic, liberal, and occasionally libertarian views about society. In other words, he's frickin' hilarious.

Currently hosts "Real Time with Bill Maher" Friday nights on HBO.
1: Hey man, what are up to?
2: Not much. Just watching some Bill Maher.
1: Nice. He make fun of religion yet?
by KewDrew April 16, 2006
A group of evil, cybernetic creatures that exist in the Star Trek universe. What makes Star Trek better than Star Wars.
"Captain, we have a Borg vessel on sensors."
by KewDrew May 23, 2005
Abrupt and rude in manner or speech; discourteously blunt.
John Winslow is a very brusk person.
by KewDrew September 10, 2005
A really nerdy way to say goodbye to someone... usually on AIM or some sort of instant messenging program.
Guy #1: Alright, man. Later.
Guy #2: Cyas.
Guy #1: No, dude. You're a fag.
by KewDrew November 14, 2005

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