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1. Cover your arse - be careful; being able to blame someone else when something really bad happens; a way to say "take care"

2. See ya
1. Hey, hf and cya

2. I've got something to do, well, cya later
by Dadoun July 11, 2011
Cover Your Arse
We need to implement a CYA policy so we don't get found out..
by KGB July 10, 2002
Cya is a "come-back" to somebody who is simply being a douche, or if you want to be a douche to somebody else. It's like responding to someone and saying that you aren't cool, funny, and nobody likes you all in 3 letters.
"Hey, I banged your mom last night"

"cya" or change it up: "Oh, really....CYA!"
by upp October 12, 2011
"arse" sounds like a down east Canadian expression

In Ontario, it's "cover your ass"
Here in Ottawa, in the public service, one must make sure to CYA in everything you do, and covering your boss's ass isnt a bad thing either.
by Silly Servant November 04, 2005
A really nerdy way to say goodbye to someone... usually on AIM or some sort of instant messenging program.
Guy #1: Alright, man. Later.
Guy #2: Cyas.
Guy #1: No, dude. You're a fag.
by KewDrew November 14, 2005
Once an abbreviation for see you later, now in some southern parts of the country it has become a word of disapproval or even an insult. Could also be a noun. IMPORTANT: must be spelled this way! 'Seeyah' does not me the same thing!
friend 1: "Hey I'm having a party tonight, wanna come?"
friend 2: "Can't. It's my girlfriend's birthday."
friend 1: "Umm... cya."
friend 2: "Yeah, I know. So who's coming?"

friend 1: "Dude, why are you so gay?"
friend 2: "Cya!"

My mom's being a total cya and making me go to the stupid family reunion.
by madpwn November 07, 2010
A farewell, when leaving irc or an online game.
Cya later, jackasses.
by Cleona Sedai February 26, 2005