my cousin, my friend, my nig, my associate
What's up cuz?
by aka lil momma & c-lo & jay-nizel October 27, 2003
a person who you know well, a friend or sometimes name given to stranger in deal
"Yo cuz! What's up"
by PLAYBOY November 10, 2003
crip; what crips call eachother
whats goin down cuz
by jojo August 13, 2003
a word used by the Los Angeles crips when talking to one another
"ayo wots crackin cuz"
by Infra-red November 12, 2005
1. cousin; friend; brotha; homey/homie
2. The newbian short form of 'because'
I'm gonna rob a bank with my cuz cuz I have no money.
by Johnny Rocketfingers July 06, 2003
the original crips used this term because "brother" didn't denote camaraderie as well as cuz or cousin.

a gang term used by crips, similar to loc (loco, crazy), but different in the sense that it can be used with affection or with hostility

short for because
what up cuz, how you feelin fam

hold up i know you ain't fuckin wit me cuz, what cuz!

cuz i felt like it
by 'Preme' December 27, 2007
'Cause, short for because blatently.
-why dont you like nickleback or puddle of mudd?

-"Cuz i said so you fucking maroon, you fuckin' rib-jockey"
by Nick January 23, 2004

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