A stupid ass term used by the pussy ass ckrips that run around thinking their tough, but they're a bunch of vaginas.
It's a friendly term used by those faggots.
Waddup cuz!? (Spanks other Ckrips butt.)
by GuerrillaFuunkstaahh July 12, 2004
A name people call each other referring to each other as a bro or a buddy it a friend.
What up cuz?
I got the money cuz.
via giphy
by Emwimer April 30, 2016
A nickname to call your significant other in West Virginia.
Dude, I'm gonna be a father soon.

Yeah, my Cuz is going to have a baby soon.
by The drunk kid who is happy now March 24, 2016
Means Because but shortened.
CUZ I want to go shopping today.

I had to go there today CUZ I needed some eggs.
by Handle secret person December 06, 2015
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