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something that is too cute to be called cute
yeah, and i call her baby
aww thats so cuters
by Roxana(adim) February 19, 2012
Photos & Videos
Jen! She is cuttest person in the world! No one can be cuter than she is!
by mitch.silverman224 September 27, 2010
Another word for cute used in group chats with the lads.
"Ohh, that's so cuter"
"I know bro"
by Duffman and the lads January 23, 2016
another way to say more cute
Taylor is cuter than James(;
by tlm69 July 18, 2011
Girl: Who do you think is cuter, Niccy or Matthew?

Boy: Matthew

Girl: Gayy..
by iloveyouuu November 07, 2009
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