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To engage in sexual activity. Sexual intercourse.
Say negro, have you and that broad Sadie cut up yet.
by Tyson April 01, 2003
325 154
pussy, to get cut up is to get pussy
Dude, you have got to get some cut up.
by David Tersch August 06, 2003
251 146
(slang in the east end of Pittsburgh)

verb. 1. to make fun of. 2. to joke around

noun. 1. someone who jokes a lot; a class clown

adj. describing actions that are 1. hilarious. 2. funny but inappropriate; ghetto
It was hilarious when he was cutting up in class.
by MSMinkus August 27, 2004
283 190
Hamilton New Jersey's way of saying YOU are a Party Foul.
You are a cut-up for trashing the house and throwing up everywhere at your own party, dick.
by Crazycracka March 21, 2004
43 34
Adj: muscular, ripped, buff to the point where you look completely chiseled.
Man, he cut up like somebody took a razor!
by The Singing Butler May 04, 2005
86 93
to make fun of someone, or to show approval for something
A) We were cuttin' up on that retard at the party.
B) Did you go to that party last night, it was cut up.
by taylorgangordie August 19, 2010
32 49
well it all depends on how u use it..i know it used as 2 wayz.sexual..and a jokin way..
1)*sexual* im finna go get me some cut up tonight..

2)*joking* today me n my niggaz was chillin n cuttin n cuttin up!
by precious25 ;) September 11, 2004
56 82