A small container for coffee or other hot beverages which can be gripped by a handle and drunk from
I had toast for breakfast and a cup-of-coffee
by Yeah Right July 18, 2003
Top Definition
Is code for sex. When you ask someone to get a "Cup of coffee" you assume they know what it means. If not then you are in for embarassment.
Clint: So, do you want to get a "cup of coffee"?

Anne: I don't drink coffee.

Clint: No. i mean "a cup of coffee".
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 23, 2005
When a baseball player is in the Major Leagues for a very short time.
Chuck Goggin was a pretty good player, but he only had a cup of coffee for the Red Sox.
by Big Tom August 18, 2005
What Homsar was raised by.
"I was raiiised by a cup of coffee..." -- Homsar (via homestarunner.com)
by Tai August 01, 2003
An exaggerated expression defining a short length of time; as short as the amount of time it would take to drink one cup of coffee.
Question: How long were you married?

Answer: For about a "cup of coffee."
by PJW May 11, 2005
Commonly used in an escort review to refer to an orgasm. Symbolic of ejaculate that is or will be released.
I spilled my first cup. After a little break, she offered me a second cup.
by pinmedown August 13, 2005
A British swear word that means fuck off. for example the referees in world cup were told to learn the new British swear words. When you say have a cup of coffee it means fuck off.
Wayne: Say have a cup of coffee loud as if you are angry.
Wayne: Thats brilliant its sounds if i am saying *********
by IOSS June 17, 2010

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